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With advances in science, medicine and big data, new options for assessing health and wellness are flooding the market. The vast majority of tests, however, are designed to monitor a limited number of specific, individual markers in your blood and urine and often fall short in examining combinations of factors that may be impacting your life expectancy. LongevityQuest’s myLQAnalysis is the only offering of its kind, delivering a longevity projection, peer ranking, and longevity risk factors using your personal biometric profile in context of the longevity research on millions of other people.

myLQAnalysis Provides Remarkable Insight.

Accurately measure the impact of your health and wellness efforts in relation to others with myLQRank.

Health and wellness efforts are undertaken, ultimately, in hopes of extending your life. myLQRank (U.S. Pat. No. 10,580,077) provides a meaningful measurement of how your longevity stacks up against others’ based on scientifically calculated biomedical analytics.

Identify and address potential problems that typical lab tests may miss with myLQFactors.

This type of biomedical analysis is innovative and revolutionary. By using advanced multivariate analysis, myLQFactors highlights risk factors that are often not revealed by traditional methods.

Know how to plan for your future with myLQXpectation.

Knowing how long you are likely to live helps you plan more effectively, maximizing your time, money and resources.

Track your progress over time. Turn a snapshot into a motion picture through periodic participation.

Take action to improve your health and retake the myLQAnalysis on a periodic basis to monitor the results of your wellness efforts over time.

Empower yourself!

Gain insights with information about your own longevity from the privacy of your own home through a secure online results portal for the kind of convenience, quality and privacy you deserve.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

View a video from Michael Murray, M.D. as he explains how myLQAnalysis works and why it is the most thorough, innovative test of its kind.

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