Welcome to LongevityQuest, where you can measure your lifespan, know where you rank against others, and identify risk factors that may be adding to or subtracting from your longevity.

With a simple 15-minute exam, our analysis can help you see how your healthy living efforts are paying off and provide valuable information that will help you live a long, good life.

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Our innovative analysis combines actuarial science, proprietary algorithms, statistical analysis and a research database of more than 10 million individual cases.

How it works

Our biomedical myLQAnalysis® includes:


Based on your biomedical profile, myLQRank (U.S. Pat. No. 10,580,077) compares your life expectancy with others your age and sex.


A scientifically-calculated lifespan projection for you personally, myLQXpectation compares Scientific Best, Population Median and Bottom 1%.  It also features a tool that shows your odds of living to various ages.


myLQFactors provides an in-depth look at combinations of risk factors  that are adding to or subtracting from your longevity.  Uncover hidden issues that are often overlooked by traditional interpretation methods.

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myLQAnalysis is the simplest, most comprehensive and meaningful way to project your longevity and identify potential hidden risk factors, allowing precise insight to better understand:

  • How your wellness efforts are paying off in your longevity;
  • Potential issues that typical lab tests may miss;
  • How to plan for the future so you can work with your physician to pursue a long, good life.
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Case Studies

Want to learn more about how it works?  Read some real case studies with actual results.

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