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LongevityQuest’s innovative myLQAnalysis is a biomedical report that provides an in-depth look at possible risks that threaten your lifespan. Based on your unique biomedical profile and using sophisticated calculations, precision actuarial science and research developed by studying millions of actual cases, it calculates your life expectancy and ranks it against others your age and sex.

Zeroing in on the long-term picture of your longevity can help you better understand how your wellness efforts are paying off, spot potential red flags that may be indicative of significant longevity issues, and empower you so you can have more effective engagement with your physician.

Your personal analysis is delivered in an easy-to-read, three-part report.


Based on your biomedical profile, myLQRank (U.S. Pat. No. 10,580,077) compares your life expectancy with others your age and sex.


A scientifically-calculated lifespan projection for you personally, myLQXpectation compares Scientific Best, Population Median and Bottom 1%.  It also features a tool that shows your odds of living to various ages.


myLQFactors provides an in-depth look at combinations of risk factors  that are adding to or subtracting from your longevity.  Uncover hidden issues that are often overlooked by traditional interpretation methods.

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