About Us

LongevityQuest® encourages and empowers people to pursue a long, good life. Our innovative myLQAnalysis® provides individuals with a personal longevity projection, patented ranking against others, and comprehensive analysis of risk factors that may be subtracting from or adding to your longevity – all from the convenience and confidentiality of home.

Our Mission

To help you understand your health, how well you are doing – to help you plan for a long, good life.

My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life.  

                                                                                                                Proverbs 4:10 NLT

Our Core Values

Our core values help us focus on serving our customers well:

Help First

Our goal is to help you target living a long, good life, to help you understand where you stand today. Our innovative Analysis provides information designed to help you and your doctor identify factors that may be negatively impacting your longevity, and can help point you toward an effective plan of action to start extending your life today.

Our myLQAnalysis is a great way to start.  It is a customized, scientific, and confidential look at your personal longevity that uses a proprietary process available only through LongevityQuest.  It contains deep insights from reviews of millions of individual cases to create insights that traditional testing may fail to identify.

Be Real

We don’t make a bunch of promises.  We are what we are: an analytical tool that can help you accurately assess your chances of living a long life.  We believe it is the best tool available because it is personal to your specific profile, it is confidential, and it uses new insights that are often missed by common practices in healthcare today.

Research shows almost 6% of the population will find they are in a much higher risk group than they, and maybe even their physicians or other advisors, believe.  The Analysis provides valuable insights that can be shared with healthcare providers so you can work with your physician to overcome whatever obstacles you may face.  You can’t work on what you don’t know is wrong.

myLQXpectation  is not a promise that you will live to a certain age – it is a probability.  But it is scientifically derived from millions of actual people studied and it is your best option to know what your odds really are.

Your Analysis is not a diagnosis – we don’t do that.  That is for your physician.

We will tell you the truth.  If you are in a high risk group we will give you an honest report.  If the myLQAnalysis isn’t applicable to you, we will tell you – and we advise to not even take the test if you are pregnant, if you have been exposed to the HIV virus, or if you are using drugs such as cocaine.  Our test is invalid in those situations – so don’t waste your money and time.  But come back later when you are ready!


Healthcare can be complicated, and knowing how you are doing is elusive.  Our myLQRank (U.S. Pat. No. 10,580,077) provides an easy way to know, to compare to others your age, and to see how you are doing over time.

We want to help you protect your plans to live a long, good life with easier access to various longevity products.  We will keep it simple when we do, and we will never hyper-sell you.  We will present the facts and let you decide.  We just want to help you get to those tools you need to pursue your own Longevity Quest.

If you ever feel our actions are contrary to our values – please let us know.  We will fix problems quickly, and will thank you for telling us.

Our Story

Our story is simple.  We spent our lives in the life insurance industry where most of the insights into measuring longevity risk and mortality risk exist.  Who would better know with precision how long you are likely to live, statistically speaking?

We decided our longevity and mortality insights, and the technologies used to quantify those risks, could be made available to individuals whether they are interested in life insurance or not.  What a great and appropriate place to start any planning – to know how long you are likely to live.  We know there are some who are not interested in knowing how well they are doing but most of us want to know so we can begin to work on improving – so we can enjoy life with our families and friends for a long time.

We plan to listen like crazy to our customers, so please talk to us and let us know what else you want from us.  We will keep it simple and we want to help – that’s who we are.

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