Actual Case Studies

To test and validate LongevityQuest’s sophisticated technology and algorithms, we collected actual results from real people. The three case studies below are based on actual testing results and demonstrate the value of myLQAnalysis.



Jill’s Wake-Up call

Jill was 52 and a nonsmoker. Her lab test results were normal by traditional observation. Height, weight, and blood pressure were all good. Most blood and urine test markers fell within normal ranges. Individual cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) values were slightly elevated, but her ratios were fine, and GGT (Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase) was the only other marker that fell outside the normal reference range. Jill was pleased, and most physicians would generally consider such results to be well above average.

However, Jill’s myLQXpectation calculated her life expectancy to be 12 years shorter than the Population Median. A review of her myLQFactors report indicated that the combined Protein, Albumin and Globulin effect was a major factor in decreasing her expected lifespan. The combined AST (Aspartate aminotransaminase) and ALT (Alanine aminotransaminase) effect was also a big factor contributing to her shorter-than-average lifespan.

Tragically, Jill passed away even sooner than projected.

Traditional Review: Very good health

myLQRank: 23rd percentile

myLQXpectation: Age 71.76

Population Median: Age 83.80



Ben’s Relief

Ben knew he was overweight. His blood test results were good, but at 5’9” and 222 pounds, he was clinically obese. Ben’s blood pressure and pulse rate looked excellent. Other blood and urine test data points were within normal ranges, but Triglycerides were somewhat out of normal range. Ben’s doctor urged him to lose weight and considered his lab results to be average at best.

However, Ben’s myLQXpectation returned a surprising life expectancy, calculated to be over twelve years better than average. Looking at myLQFactors, Ben’s blood pressure, pulse rate, kidney markers and alkaline phosphate results more than offset the negative effects of excess weight for his individual and unique biomedical profile. While losing weight was still a goal, Ben was relieved to see that his overall health reflected an excellent long-term expectation.

Traditional Review: Overweight

myLQRank: 89th percentile

myLQXpectation: Age 92.47

Population Median: Age 80.00



Joy’s Surprise

At 37, Joy was in great shape. Using the traditional interpretation approach, her lab results looked excellent. Every single lab test result was in the normal range. Her height, weight, and blood pressure all looked good and all blood and urine test data points fell within normal ranges. Joy thought her rank would be much better than average!

When Joy’s myLQAnalysis was completed, her life expectancy was calculated to be near the Population Median, but 15 years less than Scientific Best and ranked only at the 55th percentile. Joy had seven biomarkers and combinations that caused her to not be ranked higher. She can partner with her doctor to investigate the cause of these risk factors and work to improve her life expectancy as a result.

Traditional Review: Excellent

myLQRank: 55th percentile

myLQXpectation: Age 83.81

Population Median: Age 82.20


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